Twenty-five years of experience and a strong entrepreneurial spirit are CLINT’s distinctive features. A winning combination, that offers highly technological and completely flexible solutions to the market. CLINT’s strong point is a capability to provide targeted, customized answers to very specific needs, especially for large installations. By combining its experience in centralized, hydronic air-conditioning systems with advanced plant technology and a number of innovative R&D solutions, CLINT designs, builds and customizes an integrated, comprehensive range of machines for centralized air-conditioning of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, complemented by a widespread pre- and post- sales assistance network
with a strong international presence.

We believe in customer satisfaction as an added value for its products. CLINT pursues this objective through research and development of special solutions to grant customers the best results over time, improved performance and higher COP, accompanied by high quality training of its post-sales service professionals and great attention to the increasingly demanding requirements of an ever evolving market.

CE: Proving that all products coming from CLINT’s manufacturing plants are made according to European Community directives and regulations.

BV: A certification for pressurized fluids, attesting the correct production of refrigeration circuits, in combination with hydraulic ones, of compressor equipped units.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008: Way back in 1999, CLINT was the first Italian Company in the sector to obtain it, confirming its attention to correctly managing industrial processes. This was also perhaps due to an inborn vocation for international markets, very sensitive to quality issues.

EUROVENT: Attesting the reliability of Company data on product performance, a guarantee of the actual quality of CLINT’s products and their specific characteristics.